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Hey guys,

As some of you guys have reported there has been a issue for the past two weeks of some clients being redirected to a Non-W-G servers (Day-Z); This issue has now been fixed.


The issue laid in conflict with one of our older scripts causing some clients to redirect to another server. This issue is fixed so you should be able to connect now without issues.


Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. Thank you!


Enjoy the servers <3

Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming Founder.

Deathrun Released! Deathrun SALE to celebrate

[W-G] Harland SITE ADMINFOUNDER posted Jan 29, 18

Hey guys!

The Deathrun server is now back, you can join it with the IP below. 

In celebration of the successful launch we are doing a LIMITED TIME sale on all Deathrun Packages <3




See you there!

Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming Founder

Hey guys,

Please read the Founder Order in full below, it outlines the Commnuity direction for the next months until Late March:

Founder Order No.9 Read HERE

Thank you for reading,

Werwolf Gaming Founeder,

Harland Kearney

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