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Hope you're having a good week members and players of Werwolf Gaming. I’m making this post to inform you about IP to all of our servers that will be taking place on Saturday Morning 21st October.

This has been a sudden but required change due to hosting issues with the Community and should provide a few behind the doors benefits.

These changes will come into effect 21st October, Saturday Morning this week!

Below I’ve listed the New IP’s for the servers:





Star Wars RP:

Nazi Germany Roleplay:


Note: Deathrun IP will be remaining the same.


Will anything else be effected?

No, everything will be staying identical, there will be no loss of data by even a second or anything else that will be modified.

You will only need to re-favorite the server.

I would like to ask Staff, Donators, Members and players of the Community to each do their part in ensuring the transition is smooth, please get the word out about it and stay active alongside your community in the next few bumpy days ahead.


Best wishes,

Harland Kearney,

Werwolf Gaming

I’m proud to announce that the V3 update is coming out this Friday! After a long time in development, the final installment is here!


Release date: 13th October (Friday) 5:30PM London time.


What it includes:

Our first fully customised map is out, we have taken all feedback and have combined the surface from the v1 map with a custom facility with close ties to v2. This brings loads of benefits such as a fully working surface roleplay area along with more space for SCP’s but avoiding the pitfalls of the old gm_site maps FPS issues.

You can pre-load the map here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1147853814

All credits to Crossfire for coding and bringing the map parts together.


New SCP’s:

Because of the expansion of the map, it can now hold more SCP’s along with current SCP’s each getting their own containment area and unique roleplay area.

The facility also offers more room for roleplay to happen and more experiments to be conducted with Class D’s.


Updates to combat and balancing:

One of the biggest changes is we have radically balanced weapons, HP and armor for jobs. A big complaint on v2 was that many jobs were flawed or certain CW weapons were out of balance with other CW counterparts. This has been fixed and will work as intended.


Bug fixes, performance and shorter download:


Further changes are that the server will run smoother than previously on v2. Clients will also download server content faster as we have gone from top to bottom removing unneeded and unused content from the server.


We hope to see you on Friday 5:30 PM 13th October.

Harland Kearney

Werwolf Gaming Founder

I’m proud to announce that Deathrun will be open this week! It’s fully fledged Deathrun server with a lot of features and custom scripts to accompany is news position in the gamemode.



Below I've listed a small taster of features for you.

Multiple maps, hand picked from the highest rated maps on Garry’s Mod.

Fully loaded Pointshop  system with all accompanied DLC;

  • Boosters
  • Drops & Creates
  • Weapons & Loadouts
  • Gambling
  • Advent Calendar
  • Airdrops
  • Texthat
  • Daily rewards

A wide range of player models to select from, both from within the Half Life and Counter strike universe plus custom models from workshop. Remember you can purchase your on own model on the workshop!

Lag free server. for optimal bunny hopping experience.

At on of other much loved Deathrun addons, like Juke box, special ending events and other funny mini games!

Hope to see you there this Friday 6PM!

Harland Kearney

Werwolf Gaming Founder

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